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Other places to find my writing:

OneFaithManyFaces.org – I wrote many of the church profiles (the ones for Ideal Park and Moline are my favorites), and they repost my content from here, but with way better photos. The Thanksgiving post I wrote for them may be one of the best things I’ve ever done: “Thanksgiving is a great big but.”

Gatherings of Hope – I write for this organization that supports families, congregations, and pastors in Grand Rapids, MI. This profile of Dr. Mariano Avila, about one of the coolest program GoH does, is one of my favorites.

Grand Rapids Association of Pastors – I write for this organization of pastors from across denominational and racial and ethnic lines, including this article on the last meeting of the 2016/2017 season: Listening and Praying.

Spiritual Practices: Writing out prayers,” a guest post for Emily McFarlan Miller.

Stations of the Cross: Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane,” a guest post for Emily McFarlan Miller.

with all his might,” a guest post about my ribbon-stick dancing group for Suzanna Paul, of The Smitten Word.

Salvaged goods,” in catapult*magazine, Vol.13 No.15, about my mother saving her mother’s ratty house shoes from a fire.

Gospel-Centered Renewal: The Philadelphia Story,” in The Banner, March, 2011.

Profiles of Jan Price, Mike Gafa, Eliza Bast, Roger Bird, Eric Peterson, and Hugo Vasquez — people who’ve gone through or are going through the Commissioned Pastor program at the Christian Leadership Center.

Big City Sidewalk, a guest post at You Are Here Stories, about growing up in a big city and my complex relationship to the sidewalk.

I love to do guest posts and to write profiles of individuals and organizations. Contact me if you’re interested.


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